Images from EWF 2016, 2017 & 2018

Image Captions

  1. Manisha Anjali speaking at 2018 Program Launch Not Another Slide Night, reimagining the past and painting a picture for the future.
    Featured artists: Manisha Anjali, Andy Butler, Eugenia Flynn, Magan Magan and Linh Nguyen.
  2. Neil Morris speaking at 2018 Opening Night New Gold Standard, reflecting upon our storytelling inheritances, and inhabiting, questioning and critiquing our literary canon.
    Featured artists: Neil Morris, Timmah Ball and Tony Birch
  3. Photograph of 2018 festival staff
  4. Manal Younus speaking at Amazing Babes 2018, an event that celebrates all the brilliant women that inspire our creative practice and lives
  5. MTC First Stage participants Mick Klepner Roe, Yuki Iwama, Timmah Ball and Eva Grace Mullaley surrounding director Sapidah Kian
  6. Carly Findlay, Carissa Lee and Sangeetha Thanapal speaking at The Early Words: Feminism Online
  7. Jess Knight, Tania Cañas and Jacob Boehme speaking at Writing Live playwriting development intensive
  8. The crowd waving to Abdul Aziz Muhamat following his speech, delivered by journalist Michael Green in his absence. Michael sent through video of the crowd’s reception to Aziz’s speech for him to see from Manus Island.
  9. Omar Sakr speaking at Reading the Suburbs, performed in a backyard in Brunswick
    Featured artists: Khalid Warsame, CB Mako, Eleanor Jackson, Lian Low
  10. Blindfolded audience members at 2016 event run by the Boon Companions, You Might as Well Live, featuring live music, readings and performance art