Q&A with Emma Anstee

Emma Anstee is an aspiring writer from Sydney who is currently editing the first draft of her first novel. She has a Masters in Information Management and Archives, and a Bachelor’s degree in Ancient History but all she really wants is to go back to New York. Wish You Were Here is her first zine.

When and why did you start making zines?

Wish You Were Here is my first zine! I’ve loved zines for a long time, but always admired from a distance because I felt like I wasn’t good at drawing or had the best equipment for my photography. I realised that my favourite thing about zines is that there really are no rules, so I should just create what I want to share and not wait for the perfect time.

What is your favourite thing about zines?

I love zines because they are so inclusive. There is space for everyone. I love how specific they can be and there is no ulterior motive to them. You just create what you want and hope that someone else will find it interesting as well. I love seeing what people are passionate about and how they express their passions within print with no barriers.

Do you have a favourite zine (aside from your own!)? What is it and why do you like it?

I love all kinds of zines, but I really admire the photography zines from @bissy and @averagecabbage.jpg and I love the drawings from @frannerd’s and @furrylittlepeach.

You can view Emily’s zine Wish You Were Here here