The Emerging Writers’ Festival is committed to making the festival an accessible and welcoming event for all. There is some information below about how to access our digital events. If you have other access needs or questions about the information, please reach out to us at

         Digital Events and Projects

The festival is accessible anywhere, anytime by anyone with an internet connection. More information about the platforms and digital spaces we use can be found here (link)

Live streamed events (link) will be captioned and archived on our YouTube channel and the respective event pages on the EWF website.

Transcripts for the podcast (link) will be published alongside the episode audio on the EWF website.

The National Writers’ Conference and various other events (link) will be conducted through Google Hangouts and Zoom, which have a closed caption feature and chat function. Click here for instructions on how to to access these features.

We’re really excited about the possibilities presented by digital forms to encourage different ways of making and engaging with a festival for writers, and we love hearing ideas about how we can continue to improve this. We would love to hear about your thoughts, ideas and experiences in relation to the accessibility of the festival at