Creative Producer Catherine Treloar

We’re excited to introduce you to 2017 creative producer Catherine Treloar! A student of criminology and creative writing who holds a complete disinterest in crime fiction, Catherine chats to us about her experience with the festival, figuring out a career direction, and her extensive reading list.

For the 2017 festival, Catherine is working on two projects; Lunchtime Lit: Hidden Voices in Podcasting, and Early words: (Un)told Stories.

Why EWF?

I love arts festivals, as both a writer and a reader, so more than anything, this sounded like a lot of fun. I also wanted to get more involved in the literary community in Melbourne, and really start to consider the possibilities of pursuing a career within this little world. Festival production allows you to be both super creative and super organised (I love a good checklist), so it is pretty perfect.

The most exciting thing about the experience so far?

The freedom that EWF allows you in creating your event. Else, Will and Izzy are truly open to all ideas and really work with you to build on and expand your vision. It’s been hard to wrap my head around all the possibilities, and having their advice, both creative and practical, has allowed me to create some events that I’m incredibly proud of and excited to see. Also, I’m already excited to see all the events that are being planned.

Aside from being a Creative Producer, what else are you doing right now?

I’m an honours student at the University of Melbourne, doing a combined degree in Criminology and Creative Writing, which would make a lot of sense if I was interested in crime fiction, but actually makes no sense, as I read very little crime fiction, and write none. I also work at a library, so I’m surrounded by books, writing, and academia all the time. It is equal parts inspiring and exhausting.

What’s currently on your night stand?

According to Goodreads I’m currently reading 11 books, so my track record with starting and actually finishing books is sketchy at best. But I’ve most recently started Violin Lessons by Arnold Zable, and re-started Leviathan, or The Whale by Philip Hoare.

Leviathan is a book about whales, and the ocean, and people, and I love it every time I read it, but often get too overwhelmed by the cruelty of people to actually finish it. I’ve been meaning to read Violin Lessons since Arnold Zable lectured for one of my creative writing classes. He spoke incredibly eloquently about what it means for a story to be told, and how we can find stories to tell.

Where to from now?

I have absolutely no clue. Life is difficult when you have two wildly different fields of interest and only an arts degree to your name. I’d love to work as an advocate for criminal justice system reform, but I don’t know that I have the fortitude to work in that field full time. I’d really love to be a writer for a television series. Screenwriting is incredibly interactive, between writers of course, but also between you and the characters.  It often all feels more alive to me than when I write short fiction.

Check out Catherine’s events for EWF 2017: Lunchtime Lit: Hidden Voices in Podcasting, and Early words: (Un)told Stories. 

The full program for EWF can be found here.