Creative Producer Latifa Gonzalez

Kirby Fenwick  

Latifa Elmrini Gonzalez is a visual artist, writer, spoken word poet and freelance curator and educator. A coffee and book addict, she is currently completing a degree at Victorian College of the Arts and knee deep into literary and art things of all shapes and sizes.

What attracted you to the role of Creative Producer with EWF?

As a consumer of art I was privy to certain aspects of the festival. Becoming a creative producer has allowed me learn a lot more about how things operate organisationally. I wanted to be able to create opportunities for emerging writers and meet fresh new voices.

What has been the most surprising/interesting thing about being a Creative Producer?

The freedom we have to devise, refine and deliver ideas that perhaps began as seeds or small obsessions in the corners of our minds. It’s the ability and the resources to make these things happen while working with a team of talented and amazing people.

Aside from being a Creative Producer, what else are you doing right now?

I am completing a degree in visual arts. Working as an editorial intern at The Lifted Brow. Independently curating an exhibition and volunteering at a local gallery. I know … don’t tell me … workaholic.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on an anthology of poems and short stories as well as a series of paintings.

What are you reading at the moment and what’s on your to-read list?

Orientalism by Edward Said
Apple & Knife by Intan Paramaditha
Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak
… and whatever falls into my hands next

Who would be on your dream panel? Fictional or real, dead or alive, etc.

A panel of dead and alive people who marked the history of humanity by not giving a f*** what anyone thought and persevered tirelessly for social justice.

Advice for aspiring or emerging creatives?

Believe in your power. Be kind and be generous. Surround yourself with good people. Ah … and don’t expect anyone to give you anything …

The 2019 Emerging Writers’ Festival will run 19–29 June. Find out about Latifa’s events after the program launches on 15 May.

Interview by fellow Creative Producer Kirby Fenwick