Creative Producer Lauren Sanders

Latifa Gonzalez  

Lauren has been studying a Masters of Arts and Cultural Management part-time while working in administration and events at the University of Melbourne full-time for the last 5 years. As a result, her creative life has tragically been reduced to consumption and she is looking forward to having more time to produce in the future. 

What attracted you to working at EWF?

I am passionate about the power of storytelling and bringing people together to facilitate meaningful ideas exchange. I knew that EWF really values its interns and that this opportunity would not only enable me to program an event and see the idea come to fruition, but also gain real insight into the industry beyond my degree.

What is your vision for the events you’ll be producing?

I will be producing two events for the festival as part of The Early Words and Lunchtime Lit. While I can’t go into too much detail before the program launches, they will broadly be about finding inspiration in the everyday and exploring who decides what’s considered ‘literary’.

Are you currently reading something inspiring?

I’m currently reading Quiet Power by Susan Cain which is about the power of introversion in an extroverted world. I always thought my preference for reading with a cup of tea over partying all night long was a personality trait, but it’s been interesting (and confronting!) to learn how much of who I am has a physiological basis. I also have a big pile of books on my bedside table, but once semester starts I’m lucky to get through a whole chapter before I fall asleep…

Why do you think its important to create a platform for emerging writers?

Firstly, because writing can be a lonely endeavour and it’s important to bring people together to share with, and learn from, one another. Secondly, because stories are often told by those with a monopoly on legitimacy and without a commitment to representing diverse voices we risk further entrenching inequality.

Where to from now?

I’m really looking forward to finally graduating! After that who knows? As long as I’m working on projects aligned with my skills and values, I’m open to whatever opportunities arise.

The 2019 Emerging Writers’ Festival will run 19–29 June.

Find out about Lauren’s events after the program launches on 15 May.Interview by fellow Creative Producer Latifa Gonzalez