EWF Creative Producer Ruby-Rose Pivet-Marsh

Duyen Nguyen  

Ruby is a Latinx-Australian writer, event organiser and communications professional from Melbourne’s inner west. She enjoys non-fiction, nostalgia and identifying heavily with her zodiac sign (Scorpio). She’s written for Beat Magazine, SBS Life, VICE AU and more. Be her third follower on Twitter @rrpivet

What attracted you to become a Creative Producer with EWF?

My application was very last minute – I had been toying with the idea but was not all that confident in my chances! I applied about half an hour before the deadline. I liked the structure of the program and the outcomes I had observed from previous years. I’d never considered putting together two different interests and skill sets (writing/literature and event organisation, which I’ve done in the past) so it was something new but not totally foreign.

The opportunity to be involved in the process of putting together the program for a festival I like and have attended before was the main draw. I wasn’t sure my ideas would be a good fit but it’s working out well which I think speaks to the nature of the festival and organisation overall. Very receptive and encouraging, which was the final push in actually putting my application in!

What projects are you currently working on that you’re very excited about?

I’m currently working on building my freelance portfolio up a little more after taking a break from writing for most of last year. I focus primarily on music journalism but I love narrative non-fiction and essays as well – which isn’t to say they are mutually exclusive! At the moment, I’m focusing on essay writing and expanding beyond my usual album and event critique and commentary. I’m also working on my own website, zine and contributions for friends’ zines!

Who is your favourite literary character?

This is super difficult to answer off the top of my head! Recently I’ve been revisiting some films and plays from the 90s and 2000s and Ana García from Real Women Have Curves has really stuck with me.

What would you say is your biggest passion in the arts?

Accessibility and representation – I think that the arts can be closed off in many ways to a lot of people. Participating in the arts can very much be an exercise in privilege. Everyone should have the opportunity to see themselves represented, to gain access to resources, to contribute to, be involved in and most importantly, be given credit and payment for their creativity and work.

What EWF18 event are you most excited to go to and Why?

Not sure how much of the program we are allowed to discuss at this stage, but I’m excited about my own event and those being put together by some of my fellow Creative Producer interns!

What would be your all-time recommended book? 

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge. I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said but I think it should be required reading.

The 2018 Emerging Writers’ Festival will run from 19 – 29 June. Find out what Ruby’s got planned for the festival after the program launches on 15 May.

Interview by fellow Creative Producer Duyen Nguyen.