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The Emerging Writer:
An Insider’s Guide to Growing Your Writing Vol 4

Writing doesn’t just happen – it needs nurturing, stimulation and space to grow. The Emerging Writer is an insider’s guide to the craft, philosophy and politics of being a writer. Whether you’re facing your first blank page or negotiating a publishing contract, this book is full of indispensable advice for any emerging writer hoping to turn their seedling of an idea into a mighty tree.
Inside you’ll find information on:

  • Getting paid for your writing
  • Writing outside of your comfort zone
  • Creating networks
  • Finding inspiration

And much, much more!

Contributors include: Michael Mohammed Ahmad, Adolfo Aranjuez, Alex Adsett, Khairani Barokka, John Birmingham, Zoe Dattner, Melissa Fagan, Sanjay Fernandes, Stephanie Guest and Anna Heyward, Michelle Heeter, Kelly-Lee Hickey, Andrea Hoff, Holly Hutchinson, Michelle Li, Claire Low, Walter Mason, Gabe McGrath, Nikki McWatters, Lefa Singleton-Norton, Eiley Ormsby, Connor Tomas O’Brien, Zane Pinner, Alice Pung, Elizabeth Redman, Duncan Richardson, Sam Ryan, Penni Russon, Ellena Savage, Edwina Shaw, Sarah Stanton, Laurie Steed, Chris Summers, Shaun Tan, Phoebe Tay, Belinda Weaver, Charlotte Wood.

Edited by André Dao. Published May 2013.

The Emerging Writer is produced with the support of our publishing partner Blurb.

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The Emerging Writer:
An Insider’s Guide to Your Writing Journey Vol 3

Every writer has to find their own way to emerge – there is no set route, no absolute path and no road that must be followed. But there is a lot we can learn from those who have travelled before us: how to get there more directly, how to bypass the road blocks, traverse the peaks and valleys, or which is the most scenic route.

The Emerging Writer is an insider’s guide full of valuable advice from fellow travellers – a resource you can keep within arm’s length, for when you need to consult that map again to help you find your way.

Inside you will find information on:

  • How to create publication opportunities
  • Understanding your value and getting paid
  • Why you shouldn’t write what you know
  • Managing your digital domain

… And much more!

Whether you’re taking your first step, planning the next stage of your trip, or just want inspiration to keep travelling on your writing journey, this book is for you.

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Contributors include: Esther Anatolitis, Karen Andrews, Van Badham, Alan Baxter, Alan Bissett, Sophie Black, Matt Blackwood, Jen Breach, Stephanie Convery, Sam Cooney, Christopher Currie, Christy Dena, Jacqui Dent, Leah Gerber, Keri Glastonbury, Tully Hansen, Rebecca Harkins-Cross, Douglas Holgate, Kirstin Innes, Tait Ischia, Johannes Jakob, Tiggy Johnson, Rachael Kendrick, Sophie Langley, James Le, Geoff Lemon, Lawrence Leung, Julien Leyre, Andrew Marlton, Hugh McGuire, Ryan Paine, Amra Pajalic, Maria Papas, Karen Pickering, Liam Pieper, Bhakthi Puvanenthiran, Aden Rolfe, Benjamin Solah, Rosanna Stevens and John Weldon.

Edited by Karen Pickering. Published May 2012.

The Emerging Writer is produced with the support of our publishing partner, Blurb.

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The Reader – Volume 2

The Reader brings together ideas and insights into the craft, philosophy and politics of being a writer. It’s about writing and everything that comes with that: editing and publishing, motivation and distraction, the missed opportunities and the poetics of failure. With articles, essays, poems, fiction and artworks, The Reader blurs the lines between the creative and the critical, ultimately asking, what is it to be a writer?

Highlights include:

  • Sean M Whelan on performing poetry
  • Greg Foyster on freelancer rates
  • Sam Twyford-Moore on writing and depression
  • Damon Young on distraction
  • Craig Schuftan on love and lyrics
  • Daniel Ducrou on community
  • Jen Breach on writers as speakers

And many more contributors including: Paul Callaghan, Sam Cooney, Matt Davies, Paola Di Trocchio, Chris Flynn, Pat Grant, Caroline Hamilton, Jennifer Hamilston, Jill Jones, Darryn King, Gabrielle Maait, Imogen Melgaard, Janelle Moran, SC Patton, Jana Perkovic, Gig Ryan, Laurie Steed, Philip Thiel, Sean M Whelan and Susan White.

Edited by Aden Rolfe. Published November 2010.

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The Reader – Volume 1

The Reader combines highlights of our sell-out 2009 festival with general writing information and new creative works across various writing forms.

The Reader is a resource for emerging writers, a ‘how-to’ of advice and information, a collection of stories and experiences from both established and emerging writers, publishers, editors and other literary movers and shakers.

The Reader is about the craft, the approaches, the techniques and processes; the discipline(s), the forms, the experiments; the inner life, the social life, the lifestyle, the ups and downs, the tricks and the tribulations, the fun and the failure…

Contributors include: Clem Bastow, Mel Campbell, Kathy Charles, Andrew Hutchison, Tiggy Johnson, Krissy Kneen, Benjamin Law, Meg Mundell, Jennifer Mills, Ryan Paine and many, many more!

Edited by Dion Kagan. Published October 2009.

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