Inside the Publishing House

On Thursday, 29 September EWF is teaming up with Hachette Australia for a unique event that will take you inside – literally inside – one of Australia’s biggest and brightest publishing houses. Through the day you will have the chance to explore the career of several leading authors/editors/publishers – gaining invaluable insight into acquisitions, editorial process, sales and marketing strategies – to help you on the path to publication/with your next career steps. Be shown through the entire production process of a book – from acquisition to sales – meeting publishers, editors and marketers throughout. Perfect for aspiring authors, editors and publishers.

12.30-1pm: Lunch

Start the day by meeting your fellow editors and writers who’ll be joining you for the day of bookish adventures inside Hachette Australia. Get some fuel for a huge day packed with insider insights!

1pm-1.45pm: Case study: JD Barrett (and Vanessa Radnidge, Publisher)

Trace JD’s career, and find out how her work on some of Australia’s best loved television shows has complemented her work as a debut author.

1.45-2.30pm: Process of Publishing

A unique behind the scenes perspective of publishing – find out how the best in the business like to be approached by writers, how they find new talent and your best pathways to publication. How can you stand out in a crowded marketplace? Is digital changing the way we submit? Are there better success rates for genre vs literary, fiction vs nonfiction?

With: Robert Watkins (Hachette Publisher), Kate Stevens (Hachette Commissioning Editor) and Sophie Hamley (Publisher).

2.30-2.45pm: Break

2.45-3.30pm: Selling Out

What unique value can you bring to the market, and how can sales and marketing help to ensure that your book stands out in bookstores? Get tips on how to gain a competitive edge and make yourself stand out in a crowded market. Find the best way to creatively and innovatively engage with the digital market.

With: Lydia Tasker (Publicist) Thomas Saras (Marketing Executive) Katrina Collett (Head of Product) Andrew Cattanach (National Account Manager & Digital Marketing) Essie Orchard (Digital Sales Manager)

3.30-4.15pm: Case study: Pamela Hart (and Rebecca Saunders, Publisher)

Learn about the acquisition and editorial process, and sales and marketing strategies behind the work of this talented Australian author.

4.30-5.30: Drinks

Now it’s time to do what editors do best: drink. Continue your discussions with editors and publishers from Hachette and celebrate your eventual takeover of the publishing house.

Limited places, so book your tickets today.