The State of Online Feminism

Vishaka Kumar  

A listicle of rewritten sexist headlines, a viral tweet hilariously calling out the patriarchy or being tagged on a Facebook post that detailed the rant you and your friend had over coffee that morning. For some of us these little acts of consuming, producing and sharing our feminist experiences online is enough of a pick-me-up to get through the day. But this year at EWF we try to go a step further to understand the current role and impact of online feminism.

What is the current state of feminist activism online? How has the language around feminist movements evolved within the virality of online platforms? What are the exclusions and erasures within popular feminist social-media campaigns?

At The Early Words: Online Feminism panel, three commentators explore these very questions by sharing their own personal experiences, the significance and concerns with the current state of feminism online.

Below they each share with us why such conversations on inclusion and accessibility in the feminist digital space is crucial to its future evolution.

Carly Findlay

Too often feminist movements forget intersectionality – it’s very white and very privileged. Furthermore, it can be hard to have conversations about how feminists can do better in the online space without creating pile ons or tearing down other women. This face to face discussion is a way to do it respectfully.

Carissa Lee

This is a wonderful opportunity to discuss how we navigate our roles as active feminists online, and how we as intersectional feminists fit within this. I’m so excited to be discussing the importance of recognising intersectional feminism, and explore how we as women can support one another in this weird cultural climate.

Sangeetha Thanapal

Feminist activism in the past has been defined by marching for the right to vote or breaking the glass ceiling. Feminism online is about building consciousness and making feminist theory accessible to the poorest and most vulnerable amongst us, thus building solidarity. It’s high time to give feminism online its due credit.

The Early Words: Feminism Online is now booked out. More tickets may be released in the days before the event, make sure to check EWF social media to stay up to date.