YouTube’s greatest hits

Ahead of Youtube Party we put our heads together to come up with some viral highlights. What follows is a deep dive into humanity at its best and worst. Lord help us all. 

Tish Parish – Creative Producer (Guinea Pig Bridge)

Guinea Pig Bridge is a triumph of engineering, earwormage, and cuteness. The song is catchy and highly specific, the guinea pigs are suspiciously motivated, and the whole thing lends itself way too easily to some kind of capitalist metaphor. It’s adorable and concerning. There’s also a two hour version.

Jennifer Nguyen – Creative Producer (‘SHINee Dance Break (MostLit)!! Part 1🔥🔥)

‘I wish I could dance like that’ is what I’m always saying after watching this. Aptly titled ‘SHINee Dance Break (MostLit)!! Part 1🔥🔥’ this video is a compilation of nine-year strong South Korean k-pop idol group SHINee’s most epic dance breaks. #notoverit #someonebuymeticketstotheirconcertpls

Georgia Symons – Production Manager (Slap Chop Rap)

Bringing back this early master of the genre is part of my life’s work.

Eleanor Boydell – Creative Producer (Shoes The Full Version)

For reasons of pure nostalgia, harking back to misspent year 12 history classes, I struggle to move past Let’s Get Some Shoes, now 11 years old. Aptly described as “electroclash low-fi thump”, I strongly relate to Kelly’s intense reaction to a salesperson suggesting her feet are too big.

Nicole McKenzie – Creative Producer (Burning My Hair Off)

A young girl teaches us how to curl hair. Just hold the curling wand in place for “About 20 [seconds] or longer”. All well and good until her hair burns off. Hilarious. Her silence says it all. #speechless

Izzy Roberts-Orr – Artistic Director

Who knew that a cappella and Harry Potter would be such a perfect fit? Pretty sure I’ve had this song consistently in my head for the ten years since its release.

Linh Nguyyen – Creative Producer (Charlie Bit Me)

The OG viral youtube video. 

Bella Arnott-Hoare – Marketing Coordinator (What Redbone Would Sound Like While You’re Making Out In The Bathroom Of A House Party)

Soz to proliferate this super overdone meme but also not sorry.  How did this become a thing? Proof once again that the internet is miraculous garbage.

Will Dawson – General Manager (How To Fold A Fitted Sheet)

It might not get as much glory as cat videos but the self-help genre on Youtube is one of the site’s most popular. After all, who hasn’t googled How to survive a shark attack or How to make popsicle stick house for rat? But possibly the king of all these life improvement videos is How to Fold A Fitted Sheet. According to Jill Cooper from living on a dime dot com, it’s one of the “biggest challenges you’re going to face in your life”. She makes the whole thing look effortless but after numerous tries I can confirm that it is most definitely not and she is absolutely using some kind of black magic.